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Bamburgh HTML5 Admin Dashboard with Bootstrap + Bamburgh UI Kit PRO

This admin dashboard template comes integrated with Bamburgh UI Kit PRO allowing you to create not only application interfaces, but also presentation websites.



We've included only the most popular solutions included because we also don't want bloated code in our apps and sites.

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Presentation blocks

Testimonials, pricing tables, hero sections and more. Built with UX in mind, beautiful modern designs and always fully responsive.

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Landing pages

We put together some presentation blocks to create these awesome landing pages. Create your own, with examples from documentation.

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UI Elements

Bamburgh features easy to use, easy to integrate user interface elements, widgets and components. Over 200 UI comps included.

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Form widgets

Everything you need to get started, in terms of forms related elements. Datepicker, slider, calendar and many others...

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100% custom styled DataTables included. Also, we added a few example of sortable tables, with various styles.

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